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The LAPD asked all divisions to discontinue updating their individual sites with information and to forward all visitors to this page to their new site.

The LAPD has thanked InstaNet for the three years of volunteered support via these Web pages. They have now built a new department-wide site consisting of more than 1000 pages which will be found at As a courtesy to our visitors and the LAPD, InstaNet will continue to provide this page until the new site is firmly established.

Law Enforcement Links

Officer Martin Ganz Benefit Trust
Long Beach Police Officers Association
Domestic Violence
America's Most Wanted
Federal Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Department of Justice
U. S. Postal Inspection Service
Most Wanted in United States
U.S. Most Wanted Criminals

Law Enforcement Agencies

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.
California's Most Wanted
California Highway Patrol
Ventura County Sheriff's Dept.
Orange County Sheriff's Dept.
City of Irvine Police Dept.
City of Pasadena Police Dept.
City of Downey Police Dept.
West Covina Police Dept.
Santa Monica Police Dept.
Simi Valley Police Dept.

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This Web page is no longer the official Web site of the Los Angeles Police Department. Originally conceived by Ed Lowder (free of charge), an emergency medicine physician in the San Fernando Valley and representatives of various LAPD divisions. For three years it was maintained by Instant Internet as a community service. Any Law Enforcement or similar agency (e.g. Missing Children organizations) interested in providing online information to the local community about their programs is invited to participate. Please contact Rich Monosson via Web Hosting Inquires.
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