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  • [Yahoo], [Info Seek], [Lycos], [WebCrawler], [W3 Search Engines], [CUSI]

    Internet Search Engines

    Search the world with these

    The following Internet search engines allow you to search for information in many different ways - some search titles or headers of documents, others search the documents themselves, and still others search other indexes or directories. If it's out there on the Internet, one of these search engines should find it.
    The Famous Yahoo Server
    This is the best. Try it first.

    Info Seek
    You can type your search in plain English or just enter key words and phrases. This is an excellent search engine.

    Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
    Served by the Carnegie Mellon University, this engine allows you to search on document titles and content. It's index is built by searching document title, headings, links, and keywords found in documents.

    WebCrawler Searching
    Searches by document and content. It's part of the WebCrawler project at the University of Washington.

    More Search Engines

    If you still haven't found what you're looking for, you can try other search engines which can be found in these links.
    W3 Search Engines
    Covering a wide range of topics, this search engine is published by The University of Geneva. It's not updated very often.

    Configurable Unified Search Interface, offered by Nexor, U.K., searches a large number of WWW engines for documents, people, software, dictionaries, and more.

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